Really Cheap Dinners: Chickpea Sweet Potato Patties (Dairy free, GF, Vegetarian)

This is a cooking light recipe that I messed with a bit to fit the current state of things. I was worried it would essentially be a potato pancake, but it’s more along… Continue reading

Beet Carrot Salad, Moroccan Style

Simply Salad. It is supremely healthy, and really bright and fresh. But it’s also really easy! Save it for those meals when you know you need some extra vitamins. Beet and Carrot Salad 2… Continue reading

Chicken Chickpea Soup- Pozole kinda sorta (Dairy free, GF)

This is a recipe loosely based on a Mexican pozole, but with less work. Its far from traditional (it uses green AND red ingredients, oh my), but it fills me up and it’s… Continue reading

Detox Chicken Spinach Salad

So Saturday we made a roast pork shoulder with Guinness bbq sauce. It was fatty and delicious, and someday soon I’ll write up the recipe. But it was the equivalent of eating dessert… Continue reading

Kale and Poached Egg Not Really Healthy Goodness (Dairy Free, GF option)

So, Kale. I like it, always have, but honestly I tend to favor Collard Greens (woot!) cause they are much cheaper. But I was feeling kale-ish, and bacon-ish, and I wanted something creamy… Continue reading

No Time, Empty Pantry Soup- Avgolemono (Dairy free, GF)

Sometimes, spring is cold and windy and a little rainy and not quite what you had been hoping for, but it’s ok because we need rain for flowers, right? And somehow a stew… Continue reading

Starting Sweet- Guinness, Chocolate, and Blondies- low gluten, low dairy

Well, I am a pastry chef. So here’s a decadent treat to start things off, and an easy way to celebrate the fact that you’re no longer pregnant! WooHoo!!!!! These are low in… Continue reading

About the Mama

I am a new mother of a beautiful baby girl, who just wouldn’t stop crying and never slept. Doctors labeled it colic. Which basically means they had no solution. But there was a solution,… Continue reading