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Beautiful Italians, and an Eggplant Caponata (GF, Vegan)

  I was out taking a walk, and these gorgeous Italians called out to me. I couldn’t resist. So I brought them home and we made dinner…. In case that all sounds a… Continue reading

A few missed posts….and an Awesome Rhubarb Chutney

Hi all! Sorry I missed last week, but here are a few of the dishes we cooked up with links to loooove!- both from The First Mess this week. A great, great blog… Continue reading

Beet Gazpacho with Summer Vegetables- GF, Dairy free, Vegan

Guys. I have so much to tell you. First, there’s a recipe for a light, lemony, souffle. Then there’s gluten free empanadas that still need a couple tweaks. Then there’s a totally awesome… Continue reading

A Better Chicken Sandwich (Dairy Free)

So, I am feeling a little exhausted…despite a mini vacation with grandma/grandpa/aunt, the baby has still decided she is firmly anti-sleep. I wanted to post a recipe for gluten free empanadas today, but… Continue reading

Birthday Indulgences- Moules Frites with Sweet Potato and Carrot

Ah, Mother’s Day/birthdays. That day when you jut want sleep, but that’s not actually going to happen, so you settle for the next best thing of presents/flowers/dinner. All which are lovely, except sometimes… Continue reading

Arroz Con Pollo y Pickled Red Onions (Dairy Free, Gluten Free)

I have been craving some serious arroz con pollo for a little while now. NOT your average boring rice with chicken, cause this dish is chock full of goodness. Celery, onion, pepper, olives,… Continue reading

Really Cheap Dinners: Chickpea Sweet Potato Patties (Dairy free, GF, Vegetarian)

This is a cooking light recipe that I messed with a bit to fit the current state of things. I was worried it would essentially be a potato pancake, but it’s more along… Continue reading

Chicken Chickpea Soup- Pozole kinda sorta (Dairy free, GF)

This is a recipe loosely based on a Mexican pozole, but with less work. Its far from traditional (it uses green AND red ingredients, oh my), but it fills me up and it’s… Continue reading

Detox Chicken Spinach Salad

So Saturday we made a roast pork shoulder with Guinness bbq sauce. It was fatty and delicious, and someday soon I’ll write up the recipe. But it was the equivalent of eating dessert… Continue reading

Kale and Poached Egg Not Really Healthy Goodness (Dairy Free, GF option)

So, Kale. I like it, always have, but honestly I tend to favor Collard Greens (woot!) cause they are much cheaper. But I was feeling kale-ish, and bacon-ish, and I wanted something creamy… Continue reading