I am a new mother of a beautiful baby girl, who wouldn’t stop crying and never slept. Doctors labeled it colic. Which basically means they had no solution. But there was a solution, and it was my diet! I did some research and was told to eat dairy free, gluten free, bland food. No beans, no cabbage, not spicy, limited garlic. As for my half of things, I was still trying to keep our grocery budget in control.

In other words, my worst nightmare. I am a NYC pastry chef and devoted home cook. I LOVE eating spicy, garlicky, cheesy gluten filled foods. But if it comes down to the health and happiness of my baby (and by extension, me), then bring the challenge on! I am determined to get my diet under control while not losing any of the flavor, and trying to find budget friendly dishes at the same time.

I also suffered pretty intense sciatic back pain that has followed me post-pregnancy, the cure for which is core workouts, stretching, and various yoga and pilates influences. Hopefully I’ll be posting about this recovery journey as well!

So, enough talking. Let’s DO THIS!